The Complete Guide On How To Re-Grip Your Club With A Golf Grip

If you are passionate about playing golf, you already know how important regripping golf clubs is. Grips undergo wear and tear over time; and more quickly if you play often. Skin oils, dirt, heat and even ozone can affect its condition adversely, which makes you grab your club tighter. But this can lead to tension in your wrist and arm, hampering proper swings.

Hence, you should regrip golf clubs once every year. A new grip will give you better traction, and so it is necessary to regrip the moment you don’t get the original feel anymore. Consider the Golf Pride® Grip Selector if you don’t know which grip is right for you. Grips come in various materials and sizes to suit individual tastes and needs. The prices vary accordingly.

Wondering how to regrip golf clubs? Well, there is always your on-course shop, local golf retailer or a club fitter to help you out. But doing it yourself is also a great idea. All you will need is a vise and rubber vise clamps, utility knife or straight blade, a two-sided grip tape (2” or ¾”) and mineral spirits grip solvent. Then follow these steps-

How To Re-Grip A Golf Club?

    • Use rubber vise clamp to secure the shaft near the grip tip, in a vise. Makes sure that the club face is perpendicular to the ground.
    • Use a stripper, utility knife or straight blade and work it away from you to get rid of the old grip. Use a heat gun to warm and peel away the old grip tape and clean the residue with solvent and cloth.
    • To decide how much area has to be covered by the new tape, first ensure that the new grip is parallel to the shaft.
    • In case you need an oversized grip, place buildup tape on the shaft. Or use a 2” or ¾” two-sided grip tape. A ¾” tape has to be wrapped like a spiral from the top of the shaft to the level where the grip’s bottom will be. Then get rid of the tape backing and use extra tape to clad the shaft’s end.
    • With your golf tee or finger, cover the vent hole in the butt end and fill the new grip with solvent. Use a towel in case of spills. Shut the grip’s open end and shake to spread the solvent uniformly.
    • The extra solvent has to be poured over the tape’s entire length, and the excess can be collected in a tray for future use.
    • Now squeeze the open end of the grip and place it on the shaft butt with the alignment pattern facing upside. Make sure the tape is wet with solvent. Then push the grip onto the club completely and ensure that the shaft butt is right against the grip butt.
    • Within a minute of applying the grip, align it properly with the pattern square to the face of the club. Then hold the shaft and thump the grip on the floor to make sure it’s set.
  • Let the grip dry for many hours before you start playing.  

Where Can I Find Repair Kits And Replace Kits For Golf Grips?

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