Celebrities who LOVE to Golf!

Ah, golf. The favorite pastime of the wealthy and affluent. More so, the celebs. There are countless instances of our favorite celebrities featuring in tabloids wearing their season best attire and zipping around the greens in golf carts, teeing off some perfect shots much to everyone’s delight. In fact, it’s a lot more common to see celebrities on a golf course than a basketball or tennis court. What is it about this game that has caught on the fancy of the rich and famous? What charm does it hold that other sports do not seem to possess?

To start with, golf isn’t as physically demanding as other sports. Although it isn’t easy by any means, it requires more of the mind than the body. This makes it a great unwinding activity for our gym-happy celebs. From Justin Timberlake to Cameron Diaz, golf seems to offer a perfect getaway and a ‘kick’ that’s addictive.

Now that it’s established that celebrities indeed do love golf, let’s take a look at some of them who really LOVE it.

Stephan Curry

This well-known NBA MVP is a serious golf enthusiast, and is quite good at the game too. Just take a look at his performance at the Web.com Tour event and you’ll know why. Despite some serious reservations from everyone around, Curry gave a magnificent performance at the Tour. He continues to play even after injuring his ankle during a game against the Atlanta Hawks. And we know this how? Check his Instagram photo of accidentally trashing his hotel room while practicing some shots!

Justin Timberlake

Not surprisingly, there’s a lot more to Justin Timberlake than his stunning good looks and chartbusting music. Besides being such a popular celebrity, he is also a great golf player. He is a regular at the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am and last year, came so so so close to a hole-in-one. Keep playing strong, Justin! He truly is the complete package, isn’t he?

Jeremy Renner

Jeremy Renner blasted on to the silver screen with some serious acting chops combined with smoldering, drop-dead-gorgeous looks that had millions vying and sighing for him. But did you know that the Avengers star is also an avid golfer? Not only that, he has also flown to China to participate in the Mission Hills World Celebrity Pro-Am tour. He hit some impressive shots and gave his peers tough competition!

Bill Murray

Well-known for his hilarious antics and infectious sense of humor, funnyman Bill Murray was nearly banned from the AT&T Pebble Beach Pro-Am tour in 1993 for being too funny and pissing off the then-Commissioner! Almost as if he got his way, though, Murray’s antics won over the hearts of many, and today he is a big part of the tour’s marketing campaigns.

Tony Romo

“Outside of family and football, golf is one of my greatest passions,” says well-known NFL quarterback Tony Romo. Invited to play at the PGA Tour’s Corrales Puntacana Resort & Club Championship, Romo has resumed his love and pursuit for competitive golf since resigning from the NFL. We would love to see where this collaboration takes him. Maybe he can become a celebrity sportsman in two games instead of one!

Charles Barkley

Famous NBA Hall of Famer Charles Barkley has a weird relationship with golf, and here’s why – He is absolutely terrible at it! In the past 2 years, he hasn’t recorded a single par in 54 holes! According to Barkley himself, “I get to play with great players and great athletes so that makes it special, and I’ve developed some great relationships, like with Kevin Nealon. I don’t really have any goals, man. I’d love to be better, but if I get out there and smoke a couple cigars, I’m good. . . .It’s not like it’s the worst thing in the world, sucking at golf.”

Matthew McConaughey

Now, we don’t know how much Matthew McConaughey actually loves to play golf, but there’s one thing that we can be certain of. This Hollywood heartthrob does love golf, and more than that, he loves to socialize. McConaughey was clicked at the World Golf Championship, Texas, with his wife and kids. He came with disgraced cyclist Lance Armstrong, and spent all day getting clicked with celebrities, players, and other VIPs at the event. Oh and he also took out some time to sign like a million autographs!

Mark Wahlberg

Everyone knows Mark Wahlberg. The Shooter star rose to fame owing to his acting skills and gorgeous looks. But not many know that his fitness regime is such that he can play golf for hours and hours. Another thing that you probably don’t know about him is that he has his personal chef with him, as in right next to him, on golf tours. And his chef carries 8 custom made meals that Wahlberg munches on at timely intervals. Talk about celeb airs!

Jessica Alba

We can all agree on one thing – Jessica Alba will probably always be known more for her stunning looks and hot bod than her acting skills. This stunner is also quite the golf enthusiast and plays as well as she looks at games – like a Pro! Kudos to her for building her eco-friendly venture, The Honest Company up to a $1 billion organization too. Keep up the great work, Jess (on and off the greens)!

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm is best known for his memorable and award-winning performance in TV series Mad Men. He has a childhood connection to golf, growing up playing the game alongside his grandfather. Hamm started very young, around the age of 11. And today, all that dedication and practice is evident in his stunning swing and a regular presence at golfing tours and events. He’s the guy to look out for!

Will Smith

Besides being such a well-known actor and wonderful human being, the Fresh Prince of Bel Air, our man Hitch, Mr. Will Smith is also a popular golf player. And he has found a fan in none other than the ace driver Rory McIlroy! Just check the latter’s Instagram feed and you’ll see a pic of them hobnobbing on the greens, teeing off, and having a gala of a time.

Ray Romano

Funnyman Ray Romano of Everybody Loves Raymond is our last, but not the least name in the list of celebs who love to play golf. So what if he’s not a pro at it? At least he’s having fun swinging the club and trying to putt the ball. Apparently, golf seems to be an equalizer, putting the funny and not-so-funny on an even keel! But kudos to him for trying!

So, there you have it. Some of your beloved celebs getting some downtime from the celluloid and trying their hand at their swings and putts. It’s nice to see familiar and famous faces getting their ‘me’ times and showing off their skills outside acting.

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