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Golf grips are one of the most important accessories that a golfer needs in order to ensure that his/her clubs provide a traction and lightweight swing that delivers optimal performance on the course. There are many brands that manufacture golf grips, using the latest state-of-the-art technology and material that provides the player a strong grip, easy installation feature and durability at an affordable rate. Golf grips can be available in various colours and sizes.

Golf grip sets are the perfect deal for those who are looking for good quality and affordable grips with the latest enhancement features. They come with anti-slip and all-weather features, which are important to a player. However, with so many models and brands in the market, it becomes a little difficult to decide what grip would be most suitable for a player. In this section, we will be talking about popular golf grip sets, discuss their features and also discuss their pros and cons so that you can make a well-informed buying decision.

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Best Set of 13 Golf Grips Reviews

  • Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Black Grips
  • Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Grips

1. Best Price For Set of 13 Golf Grips: Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Black Grips

13 NEW Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Black Grips Standard .600 Round Core

Quick take: Cheap isn’t always bad

Are you looking out for a new golf club grips set, then search no more, as this brand new set of 13 Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grips with a core size ‘60 round’ are the grips you need for your clubs. With an extremely comfortable size and durable grip material, this set promises you superior quality and affordability at the same time.

This golf club grips set is perfect for both amateur and professional golfers and suitable for all weather conditions. These velvet grips provide optimal control in the upper hand area. Soft rubber material is used in the lower hand that helps respond with an unmatched grip in any weather condition. These grips are the best choice as they are non-abrasive, slip-proof and computer-designed which make it ideal.

In addition to this, they promise a feeling of luxury at a cheaper price. These high performance golf club grip sets are popular amongst golfers because of their state-of-the art rubber blend and slip-proof rubber design that infuses confidence and leads to maximum playability. These golf grips are competitively priced and would be the best investment for an avid golfer who is looking out for an optimal product which is cost-effective too.


  • These golf grip sets offer all-weather control with their state-of-the-art manufactured rubber composite grips that do not slip and offer a perfect grip while playing. This is essential for providing confidence to the player and ensuring a high performance.
  • The surface texture of the grips is designed in a very scientific manner that pulls the moisture away from the surface and provides consistent traction. This makes this golf grip set very comfortable to use and sweat-free too.
  • Tour Velvet has become a standard product in the market which has inspired many club manufacturers for their grip design.
  • This golf club grips set is very cost-friendly too. Besides, with free shipping it becomes an even better deal.
  • The feel of the grips is high on comfort, with a great traction with its computer-generated non-slip surface pattern in a 360 degree design.
  • The appearance of these grips looks very professional and sleek with no distracting logo.
  • This golf grip set is lightweight, with each grip weighing only 49.5 grams which does not impact the weight of the golf stick.
  • These golf club grip sets are also ideal for shaft adjustable clubs no matter what orientation of your shaft and has a professional look.


  • The golf grip set is made up of an art rubber blend that provides only moderate water resistance, making them unsuitable in extremely wet weather conditions.
  • Although these grips fit over various shafts most of the times, there can be times when it might be a little hard to put on at first. Mildly warming up these grips can help in fitting them over the shaft or you could purchase a BBGIT grip installed tool for this purpose.
  • It is only available in one color- black. So, it would be a disappointment for those who seek color options.

What’s the verdict?

These golf club grip sets are widely used by professional golfers since the past 20 years, without any complaints or issues. They are scientifically crafted and computer designed to provide optimal 360 degree comfort to golfers. No matter what the weather is like at the golf course, you are assured a non-slip protection with these grips that will raise your performance in the game.
These grips are only available in black, with a slick and logo-free design which gives it a professional appearance. These grips are easy to fit over various shafts, which is another plus. Most importantly, the fact that this product offers value for money, by being very affordably priced without compromising on quality, is the reason why golfers choose this product time and again.

2. Best Quality For Set of 13 Golf Grips: Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Grips


Set of 13 NEW Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Grips, Gray, Midsize

Quick take: For people who look at the long term

Golf Pride MCC Plus4 golf club grips set is the best tour-proven grips available in the market that feature a larger outer diameter in the lower hand that leads to less tension in the hands and also enhances the fluidity and power of swings. Quality is what these golf club grip sets are all about, as they are crafter from a new soft rubber material, which are two uniquely formulated compounds that ensures optimal feel and enhances performance.

While the material used in the upper hand is made out of a soft compound with four extra wraps and an inbuilt stability using Brushed Cotton Cord; the lower hand has a softer rubber compound that is idea for a comfortable grip feel and reduces the taper. The Brushed Cotton Cord helps in moisture control with its cotton fibers that act as a wick to keep the grip dry and moisture-free, making this golf club grips set perfect for all weathers.

Not only is this set of 13 grips great in terms of quality, but they are also very affordable and durable which makes them the perfect grips. In addition to that, these easily fit over the clubs and are a bare-handed golfer’s dream because of its super-comfortable design and feel.


  • These golf grip sets provide the element of ‘consistency’ to the golfer who prefers a wider lower hand on the grip.
  • These grips are taper-free, eliminating the need to use extra wraps. This also leads to better performance.
  • The upper hand is very firm and has Brushed Cotton Cord that provide a great moisture-free all-weather grip.
  • The design of these golf club grip sets is ergonomic as the difference in the lower hand size leads to a lighter grip pressure, more power and relatively reduced tension.
  • It is comfortable for bare-handed golfers.
  • This golf club grips set provides a dual grip, one on the upper hand and one on the lower hand, which leads to fluidity.
  • These grips are of very high quality, which is why they command a high market demand with loyal customers
  • The appearance of these grips is also very sleek, as they come in the color gray.
  • There is a full length roll of grip tape that comes along with the set, which can help in making the grips almost taper-free.


  • These golf club grip sets are only available in a single color-gray- at However, they only come in two colors- gray and blue- which makes the choices limited for those who seek more color options.
  • Those players who are obsessing about the swing weight will find that the MCC Plus4 weighs 66 grams which is slightly higher than the standard grips that weigh 52 grams.

What’s the verdict?:

When it comes to quality, comfort and durability- then this golf grip set provide all this and much more. The unique manner in which it is crafted with a wider lower hand allows a perfect grip for fluid performance. In addition to that, the taper that is done away with multiple layers of taping is also taken care of with these user-friendly grips. The built-in cotton cord ensures that the hands do not slip, as it wards away moisture with a special wick-technology. It is rare to find products that provide quality at a cheaper price and this golf grip set provide just that deal. These grips are available in the color gray in mid-size 60 round and weigh just 66 grams, which do not add on to the weight of the club and help to deliver powerful swings.

3. Top Rated For Set of 13 Golf Grips: WINN DRITAC AVS MIDSIZE


Quick take: Buy in bulk, pay less, play more

The Winn Dritac AVS mid-size golf club grips set, available in sets of 9 or 13, are quite the deal for golf enthusiasts who want to have a light-weight club, a comfortable and cushioned grip that enhances their performance on the golf course.

Most users complain about grips not getting installed on to the shaft smoothly, but these grips slide on effortlessly. These golf grip sets are crafted out of a polymer that helps get rid of moisture, which helps in getting a grip of the club even in the wettest of weather conditions.

The natural taper of the grip is another plus for avid golfers, who have to correct it with tape otherwise. Golfers who have issues such as arthritis find these grips particularly comfortable with their cushioning and soft and non-slippery feel.

This golf club grips set has very high shock endurance and is sturdy, which makes it less likely to cause any injury to the player. The blue-black combination of these grips is another striking feature of this product. The fact that these golf grip sets come at a very fair price is something that makes it a win-win situation, because even professional golfers cannot deny the quality of these grips.


  • These grips are widely popular amongst avid golfers because of their great quality and overall features.
  • This golf club grips set is easy to install and do not cause any trouble to the user.
  • These grips are moisture resistance, which makes them perfect for all weather conditions, even the wettest, as the tight grip remains intact.
  • This golf grip set has been crafted out of a composite that provide optimal comfort to the player, with a soft feel that boosts their performance.
  • These golf club grip sets are shock-free, which prevent the player from incurring any injury during a powerful swing.
  • The lightweight of these mid-size grips do not add to the overall weight of the club, enabling the player to make more impactful swings.
  • These grips have a fabulous visual appeal with their striking blue and black combination
  • They are very comfortable and players often do not feel the need to wear clubs, as the grips offer great cushioning and support.
  • The grips have a tapered profile.


  • Some users find the blue-black color combination of the grips a little tacky.
  • The print on the grip is not aligned

What’s the verdict?

These grips have been endorsed strongly by its users as they have added value to their clubs, by breathing a new life into them. The game performance has also been positively impacts with these lightweight grips that are slip-proof and offer a good support as compared to the standard grips. These all-weather grips do not fail you in the rainiest of seasons and are consistent with their performance.

Quality is what these grips are all about, as they are sturdy with great endurance and do not wear out easily. Besides, the affordable price of this golf grip set makes this a great bargain for golf enthusiasts. These mid-size grips come in a striking blue-black color combination which looks classy and has a core size of 0.600”, weighing only 49 grams.

Which Set of 13 Golf Grips is best for you?

It is important to buy a grip that suits your requirement, because the right grip can enhance your game and make your stroke effortless. However, with so many products in the market with their accompanying features, it can be rather daunting trying to find the perfect fit for you.
Here are three of the best golf grip sets and their attributes that make them different from each other. Take your pick!

  • Golf Pride Tour Velvet 360 Black Grips- If you have just started learning the game of golf and are an amateur player, then this set of 13 grips is the best bet. It is economical and durable at the same time, providing the user with an impeccable experience in terms of feel and grip.
  • Golf Pride MCC Plus4 Grips – These grips are modeled with a special technology with an inbuilt Brushed Cotton Cord that provides a wick-like effect and keeps your grip moisture free. It is the perfect choice for those who usually play in moist weather conditions, as it ensures protection against slipping.
  • WINN DRITAC AVS midsize– These grips are super comfortable with a cushion-like, friction-free feel which is perfect for even those with arthritic issues. They are lightweight and easy to install, giving your clubs a lease of new life with their lightweight quality. High on quality and great on price, these are a great buy for golf enthusiasts.

All these golf club grip sets come in various colors and have a few features that distinguish one from the other.


Buying Guide For Set of 13 Golf Grips:

In order to make a well-informed decision, you need to enlist the features that you desire in a grip that can enhance your performance, or perhaps affect it negatively. The best way to buy a golf grip set would be to first understand its various features. Here are some parameters to take into account, before opting for a set of golf grips:

  • Durability and quality – This is a very important factor, as durable products do not give up when you need them the most.
  • Check for the new technology employed in its manufacture.
  • Feel and overall look: The grip should have a good traction, be slip-free and supportive. It should also fall within other requirements that you are looking for. The look should also align with your choice.
  • Budget- It should be well within your budget.

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