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The Absolute Guide to Buying Midsize Grips for your Putters

Although there are several factors that should go into selecting the best possible grip for your putter, the single most important aspect is size. This is what could make the biggest difference between a grip that complements your style and another that hampers it instead. An improperly fitted grip can cost a player about 3 to 4 strokes in a round! Larger grips are suited to people with oversized or arthritic hands and also for those who prefer a modern putting stroke on fast greens. When selectthing your grip, it is of utmost importance that you try out the feel and texture of it as the grip is also your point of contact with the club. Texture, tack and cord are just some of the features to look out for. In the midsize grip category we have listed out three of the outstanding performers so you can zero in on the one that is best suited to your needs. Whether you are looking for the Top Rated, the Top Quality or Top Budget picks in midsize golf grips, we have it all outlined for you.

Check out the top-ranked winners:

Best Price

Lamkin Golf-UTx Cord Midsize Grip

Rating: 5.0

Reviews: 15

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Best Quality

New Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Matador Midsize grip

Rating: 4.6

Reviews: 9

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Top Rated

Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip

Rating: 4.8

Reviews: 249

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Best Midsize Golf Grips Reviews

  • Lamkin Golf- UTx Cord Midsize Grip
  • Titleist 2015 Scotty Cameron Select Matador Midsize grip
  • Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip

1. Best Price For Midsize Golf Grip: Lamkin Golf- UTx Cord Midsize Grip

Lamkin Golf- UTx Cord Midsize Grip Black

Quick take: Have some issues but a good place to start

If you are a confirmed mid-size when it comes to your golf grips the Lamkin Golf Utx Cord Midsize grip offers you maximum performance in its price category. Not every grip that claims ‘all-weather’ is in fact equipped to deal with different climatic conditions but the Lamkin Utx does in fact live up to the claim.

It does not get heavy and uncomfortable with moisture or feel too slick when dry. The full cord fabric weave does a good job of wicking away moisture while also providing enough traction for those long shots. While providing an excellent grip, it also does not take away the feel of the club or make it feel too unwieldy. The unique cord will not leave you with torn hands at the end of a long day.

The tack leaves you with a more than adequate grip in wet playing conditions. The comfort and feel that this grip offers is unmatched for this size. All in all, the Lamkin UTx Midsize grip can easily lay claim to being the best midsize grip in this price category.


  • Without a doubt, the greatest pro for this grip is its resilience to humidity and rain. In general all-weather grips tend to be harsh on the tack and heavy on the cord. With its innovative blend of materials, this one manages to grapple with moisture without losing the overall comfort and feel
  • Keeping in mind that the grip offers you your only real point of contact with the club, this grip allows you a great feel of the club. It provides a light pressure hold that provides great consistency to your shots
  • The proprietary Tri-Layer technology provides you a foundation layer using the company’s signature ACE3GEN material that is soft and tacky, a moisture wicking weave in the center that provides traction and control in wet weather and an outer layer that is firm and limits grip torque. This unique combination also helps achieve vibration dampening and durability
  • The Lamkin Golf UTx Midsize grips comes in three trendy colors – black, blue and red. For the design conservatives, the black offers a solid, basic design with a blue cap and white branding. The blue and red on the other hand are trendily designed to sport a ‘distressed’ look with a pattern that is reminiscent of marbling
  • Under a variety of weather conditions and prolonged use, the grip has been found to be quite durable and resilient


  • If you plan on installing the grip on your own, you may require a bit more than the standard effort to ensure evenness and prevent warping
  • If you require some amount of building up of your grips, you may find that there is some squishiness
  • With a multi-layer technology that employs putting together fabrics of varying densities and different levels of softness it is only understandable that a few have raised concerns about twisting but to the credit of the makers, very few such instances have in reality been reported
  • The unconventional look of the red and blue variants have not been met with equal approval from all quarters

What’s the verdict?

Not all of us get to choose when and where you get to play so in case you manage to squeeze in a round on a rainy day, it is essential that you have the equipment that can hold up to inclement weather. The Lamkin Utx Midsize grip seems to be best bet in that area while also living up to the promise of providing a great all-weather grip that won’t let you down. These are not your regular old cord grips and provides you great grip confidence while not compromising on softness and tackiness. It manages to give great feedback and shock absorption without dulling the player’s hands. Without a doubt it is the most unique texture available on the market right now and in under ten dollars you get to arm yourself with sturdy, reliable grips in three trendy colors.

2. Best Quality For Midsize Golf Grip: Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Matador Midsize

New Titleist 2015 Scotty Cameron Select Matador Midsize grip

Quick take: Even in NASA they don’t make them like this

Nothing takes the joy out of your day on the green quite like a grip that does not feel right. On the one hand you need to be able to feel the club and on the other you don’t want to end up with torn or callused hands at the end of the day. If you value quality over saving a few bucks and want your tools to be just perfect, then go ahead and get the Titleist 2015 Scotty Cameron Select Matador Midsize grip. It is by far the best quality offering in its category.

At a solid 3.2 ounces, this one packs quite a punch for the large fisted golfer with a strong hold. The Matador comes in a distinctive Red and solid black colours and sports the classic tapered look. Like all Scotty Cameron products this is meant for the connoisseur who appreciates the finer things and puts quality above the price tag. It will set you back by a good several dollars but for the money spend, you get the assurance of a brand that is associated with great design, superior craftsmanship and consistent performance.

“I think the grip can complement a putter. It can make it or break it. And I think we’re right on track with this new Mid-Size Matador.” – says Scotty Cameron, the man himself behind the name.


  • Lovers of the Matador swear by the stand-out red and the sleek look besides the obvious weight of a brand name that is associated with superb design and quality
  • For people who prefer to do their own re-gripping at home, the Matador is easy to install and tweak to your satisfaction till you get to your perfect feel
  • Confirmed users of midsize grips find the hold to be the perfect size for larger hands and a great feel if you love texture
  • For those who prefer tapered grips over the newer non-tapered versions, this one offers a slim taper that is easy to grip and does not compromise on the feel
  • Perfect thickness, incomparable texture and a brilliant profile


  • The first thing that would come to mind if of course the price but then this is a product that makes sense only of price is not an issue when it comes the quality of your playing equipment
  • It is a fairly heavy grip when compared to others in its size category and that may take some getting used to
  • At the price bracket it stands in, there have been some surprising instances of quick peeling. Some users have complained about the lips at the top cap and the shaft that tend to get caught on bags and tear faster than you would have imagined.
  • With more people gravitating towards non-tapered grips, the Matador might have the conventional look going against it
  • For people unused to such a large and heavy grip, it causes some sweating of the palms that cause the grip to feel slippery

What’s the verdict?

For fans of Scotty Cameron with oversized hands, the Titleist Matador Midsize grip is a natural extension of their love for their finely crafted putters. If your clubs are up for re-gripping it is perhaps worth the effort to shell out that little extra for the Matador. With comfort that is second to none and outstanding performance, it lives up to its reputation as the best quality product in its range. Despite the weight, it requires less grip pressure to line up the putter. You can go for either the classic black or the fiery red colors for your Matador midsize grips.

3. Top Rated For Midsize Golf Grip: Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip

Super Stroke Legacy 3.0 Midnight Black/White Putter Grip

Quick take: Go get it and don’t look back

And finally we come to the grip that has redefined the concept of putter grips with the tagline ‘say no to taper’. The Super Stroke Slim 3.0 is easily the top rated midsize grip going around right now with a patented design and shape that ensures even grip pressure and minimizes wrist action. These oversized grips are inherently designed for consistent strokes. There has even been a study that put the reduction in grip pressure with a Super Stroke to be 32% when compared to a conventional and smaller putter grip. The Super Stroke is patronised by more than 125 players in the professional circuit and include names like Jason Dufner, Matt Kuchar, Sergio Garcia and Jordan Spieth.

At an affordable several dollars the grip of the season comes in a variety of colour combinations ranging from a stolid black/white to blue/white and silver/black besides Lime Green, Red and Orange. The Super Stroke Slim 3.0 is now being used by 3 out of the top 4 players at the US Open and about a half of the top-10. It is no wonder it is being touted as the top rated grip on the market right now.


  • The foremost feature of the grip is its round and non-tapered shape that is quite distinct from all the other available varieties. It encourages a lighter grip with less emphasis on fingers, wrist and forearms
  • The innovative high tech PU material features cross traction technology that allows improved tack and feel.
  • The grip has a great blend of soft and firm as the core is firm without feeling squishy while the cover retains softness
  • At about 0.3 ounces, it is a light weight grip that packs in all the benefits of Super Stroke’s parallel technology into a 1.3” package.
  • As the spark behind the revolution in super-sized grips, Super Stroke has consistently offered great products to golfers and the Slim 3.0 is a continuation of that tradition


  • On first use, most players, even those with oversize hands, found it a little too big but then with most users, it is something they have comfortable got used to. The 1.3” definitely makes it a bigger grips than others in the same category.
  • The exterior is far more tacky than a regular rubber or corded grip and this combined with sweat can cause some discomfort
  • This one is not amenable to self-installation and unless you are highly confident about your skills, it is best left to a pro.
  • The white colored grips are prone to discoloration after a few months of regular use

What’s the verdict?

The preferred midsize putter grip of the Pros and most popular grip on the PGA Tour, The Super Stroke Slim 3.0 featured in 5 victories worldwide in the last season. After making headlines for the first time in 2007 when KJ Choi had one installed on his putter right before he was to win two of three major events, the SuperStroke has just continued to be a tournament favorite down the years. The slim 3.0 especially is easily the pick of the lot when it comes to Top Rated midsize grips and is available in a wide range of colors.

Which Midsize Golf Grip is the best for You?

Avid golfers have often pointed out that a common rookie mistake made by amateurs is to pick the wrong size of grips. As the grip forms your single point of contact with the club, this could all the difference to your playing style. It is there important to make sure you get the right sized grip that suits your golfing habits. The best way of course is touch and feel and you know when the grips feels just right in your hands. Also factor in playing conditions like wet or humid weather where you probably need a corded grip and dry conditions where you might be more comfortable with a rubber of synthetic one.

If you fall in the midsize category, we have listed everything you need to know and picked three of the very best depending on whether you are looking for the best value for money, the topmost quality or the preferred grip of the pros. The Lamkin Golf Utx Cord Midsize grip gives you great value with its innovative tri-layer technology that is great for all-weather conditions. These reliable grips come in three trendy colours. The Titleist Scotty Cameron Matador, while on the pricey side gives the assurance of superb quality and stands out in its distinctive red colour. The Super Stroke Slim 3.0 rules the pro circuit and is the grip of choice among top rated players. It is the apt grip for players who prefer the modern non-tapered feel to their grips.

Buying Guide For Midsize Golf Grips

As a rule of thumb, it is ideal that you re-grip your clubs between 30 or 40 rounds or every six months. And when you do, check out the wide variety of grips that are available in your size with the right texture and feel and in a price range that is right for you. While it is always preferable to get a feel of the grip before buying, if you are already comfortable with midsize, the products shortlisted for you above can easily be sourced online as well. Pick the make and colour that suits your playing style from the options above.

What’s Next?

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