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The Ultimate Guide for Left handed players

The world is designed for right handers and this is a fact that all left handers eventually learn to deal with. 10% of the world’s population is left handed but you wouldn’t think that seeing how so little of resources is specially designed keeping the left hander in mind and the world of golf is no different. In fact a lot of left handers lean towards playing golf right-handed! For some, this just comes naturally while for others it is an acquired habit as most of the instructional material, even the equipment and courses are made on the assumption that the game is played right-handed!

You would be surprised by the number of pros who are natural lefties but play right handed. However it is heartening that there are at least a few great quality clubs and grips for lefties and most manufacturers make at least 70% of their products in left handed styles as well. Here we have shortlisted a few of the best for you to choose from based on their performance budget-wise, in terms of quality and rating among reviewers.


Check out the top-ranked winners:

Top Rated

Momentus Training Grip

Rating: 4.7

Reviews: 7

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Best Quality

Lamkin Left Hand Training Grip

Rating: 4.5

Reviews: 15

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Awesome Price

Iomic Grips – Black Armor Series Sticky Evolution Golf Grip

Rating: 4.1

Reviews: 12

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Best Left Hand Golf Grips Reviews

  • Momentus Training Grip
  • Lamkin Left Hand Training Grip
  • Iomic Grips- Black Armor Series Sticky Evolution Golf Grip

1. Best Price For Left Handed Golf Grip: Momentus Training Grip



Momentus Training Grip (Right Hand)

Quick take: Most bang for the buck for left hands

How often do you get to use a product specifically designed by a PGA professional?
Certainly he would have had his share of trouble finding the perfect left-handed grip that he decided to design one on his own! The Momentus Training Grip is the ideal choice for amateurs seeking to perfect their grip.

It comes with a molded right hand V placements that aims directly at the right shoulder while placement for the left thumb takes into consideration both short or long thumbs. It is great for beginners to get just the right grip for their clubs but some experienced players also use these grips to re-calibrate the hand positions when they find difficulty in their swing due to incorrect positions acquired over the years.

The texturised locations on the grip allow for a great feel. The Momentus falls in the oversize category of grips and takes care of the common refrain that training grips in general don’t fit well in adult hands. It comes in a classic black color with yellow detailing and is available for less than 10$.
This is easily the best pick when it comes to left handed grips on a budget.


  • This is a great training grip for amateurs to train their hands and muscles in holding the club just right
  • It is great for all kinds of gripping styles – Overlap, Interlock or 10 finger gripping
  • Fits both graphite and steel shafts with a core of .580 to .600
  • Designed by a PGA professional, this grip addresses some of the concerns raised by players about earlier training grips like being too short in the butt or having awkward finger placements and a too rigid of a left thumb placement.
  • It is ideal for hands that fall in the medium to oversize range


  • While this is considered a great grip, some users have found that its size is a bit large for standard hand measurements, making it a bit cumbersome to grip
  • This is probably not one grip that you can slip on, on your own. You may need the help of a professional as there have been complaints about it not being easy to fit

What’s the verdict?

The Momentus training grip addresses a lot of the issues that are generally raised about training grips, particularly for medium and oversized users. Designed by a professional PGA player, the grip has texturised locations and ridges for the fingers that ensure that you grip your club just right, every single time. This is the grip that will help you develop the right grip even if you are taking just a practice swing. It comes in Black with yellow detailing and is available online and in retail stores for a very value for less than 10$, easily the most affordable for the quality it offers.

2. Best Quality For Left Handed Golf Grip: Lamkin Left Hand Training Grip

Lamkin Training Grip Left-Handed Golf Grip (Black, Standard)

Quick take: Quality isn’t a “right handed” privilege

Lamkin is one of the brands that has almost 100% of its inventory available in both right handed and left handed versions. As with other Lamkin products, the Left Handed Training Grip also rates very highly among users as one of the top end products on offer.

It is a standard size grip that helps mold the hands into the perfect position to optimize your swing. Even players who feel they have a great grip, gain new insights into how to properly hold their clubs when they get the feel of a Lamkin Training Grip in their hands which forces the fingers into the correct position.

The great thing about a training grip is that if you hold the grip in your hands even as you are watching TV, it helps create muscle memory. However it would be good to remember that training grips are not approved for tournaments. The Lamkin left handed grip comes in a classic black color with white ridges and at its top quality rating, it does not feel terrible to shell out for less than 20$ for the product.


In short, it helps to correctly position the hands and fingers to achieve the best swing in your game.


In short, tends to be a bit short (no pun intended).

What’s the verdict?:

Sometimes even experienced players like to get their hands on a training grip to get a feel of what has changed of their hold of the club. The Lamkin Left handed training grip is great buy for left handed players, whether amateurs striving to get their hold right or veterans who are seeking to find out of anything has changed of their hold in a way as to affect their swing. In terms of quality, the Lamkin left handed training grip trumps the competition. Available in black for less than 20$.

3. Top Rated For Left Handed Golf Grip: Iomic Grips – Black Armor Series Sticky Evolution Golf Grip

Iomic Sticky Evolution 2.3 Grip, Black

Quick take: The left handed champion

If peer ratings are what matter to you when choosing your golf accessories, then the Iomic Sticky Evolution is the left handed grip for you.

This grip combines elements of the X-Evolution and Sticky series to create a grip that is specially designed for left handers. It is designed so that the left hand gets the firmer and less torque Evolution feel that provides stability and the right hand gets the softer feel of the Sticky tackiness.

This is a standard size grip of 22.3 mm, 5 cm from the grip end. It comes in a classic black color with blue or green caps. At less than a dozen dollars, you get the standard grip size with a core size of 0.600”.
The grip weighs 48 grams and is said to have great tack and is easy to clean.


  • A comfortable grip with a great feel
  • Gives all-weather reliability
  • Comfortable enough to be used without gloves
  • Great durability so you don’t have to re-grip as often as others making it worth the money paid
  • Deep X pattern texture in upper hand and + sign pattern in lower hand


In summary – Slightly undersized feel.

What’s the verdict?

The Iomic Sticky Evolution Grip has a huge fan base among golfers, many of whom have opted to re-grip their entire set with them. Certainly there must be a reason these are the top rated grips in this category. Users have found the firmer top and softer lower feel to be really comfortable and great for swing. These are durable and easy to clean grips too. Available in black with green or blue caps.

Which Left Handed Golf Grip is best for you?

As with right handers, the basic step to choosing the right grip for left handers also begins with getting your hand measurement just right and then trying out the feel of different sizes and textures to find the grip that is right for you. Sometimes, size can only be a starting point as there are players who feel more comfortable with the feel of a grip that feels larger or smaller than what the measurement dictates. Texture, playing conditions and material also play a great part in deciding whether the feel is right.

For left handed players, the Momentus Training Grip offers great value for money and even experienced players swear by the efficacy of this grip in creating muscle memory and perfecting swing. The Lamkin left handed training grip is the one that is slotted as the best quality product in this category while the Iomic Black Armor Sticky Series Evolution is the top rated grip for left handers. All three are available in classic black colors with slight variations in detailing and surface texture. While the Momentus is said to have a slightly oversize feel, the Lamkin and the Iomic grips are standard size.


Buying Guide For Left Handed Golf Grips

As we have seen, though left handers have a more limited pool of products to choose from than right handers, there are some superb quality products on offer nevertheless. Whether you go by quality, rating or economy, there is a grip that will suit your needs. Training grips are a great tool for amateurs as well as professionals seeking to analyse if their hold has changed over the years or need some re-calibration to get the swing just right. In either case, choose from the range of top golf grips for left handers as listed above.

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