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The elegant game of golf is incomplete without the right grips, and choosing the perfect one for you is no mean task. Leather golf grips in this regard deserve special consideration as they provide great grip even when your palms get very sweaty, and can last you 10 to 15 years, with proper care.

Though rubber grips are cheaper and can be replaced easily after every 2 years, leather will always look classy and timeless and is more durable. Among the several factors that you must take into account while purchasing a grip for your putter, size is the most crucial. While the perfectly-fitted grip can enhance your performance, the wrong one can make you lose 3 to 4 strokes in just a single round.

So try out a grip and understand its texture and feel before buying it. Also consider aspects like tack and cord while shopping for grips. Here we have listed 3 cutting-edge grips for that perfect game of golf, whether you are looking for a top rated, top quality or top budget option.

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Golf Pride Cp2 Wrap Grip

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Golf Pride Players Wrap Putter Grips

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Golf Pride VDR Standard Grip

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Best Leather Golf Grips Reviews

  • Golf Pride VDR Standard Grip
  • Golf Pride Players Wrap Putter Grips
  • Golf Pride Cp2 Wrap Grip

1. Best Price For Leather Golf Grips: Golf Pride VDR Standard Grip

Golf Pride VDR Standard Grip (White)

Quick take: Affordable Leather Golf Grip

If you are looking for a leather golf grip that works excellently in all weather, then Golf Pride VDR Standard Grip is something that you should seriously consider. With its Triple-Texture technology that ensures three grip depths on the surface, this grip will offer you adequate traction even when it is raining.

The variable depth texture of the grip is cut precisely, and the rubber compound protects your wrists from shock when you hit an off-center strike. This texture is also instrumental in helping you connect with the club more accurately. With a diameter of .600” and weight of 50 grams, this grip can be easily used by any golfer with standard-sized hands. The VDR Standard Grip looks very stylish and promises cutting-edge performance as well.

It features dampening rubber that reduces high frequency vibrations by 30 percent more than an ordinary grip. It also lets you control a shot more easily and play a consistent game without feeling exhausted from the grip pressure. All in all, you will be able to play confidently in both dry and wet climatic conditions, as the grip texture channels moisture extremely effectively. Plus, the luxurious velvety feel of the grip and the cool colors they come in are other advantages.


  • Golf Pride VDR Standard Grip is perfect for all weather conditions, whether dry or wet. Its innovative Triple-Texture technology offers three variable grips on the surface to enhance traction.
  • The rubber compound of the grip dampens shocks and vibrations 30 percent more than other ordinary options. As a result, you are able to control your shot better, play more consistently, and won’t feel the exhaustion that comes with handling the grip too hard to maintain control.
  • The grip is velvety to touch and is textured to channel moisture from sweat or rain effectively. It will never slip or make you lose that perfect stroke.
  • You can use these grips on wood, iron or hybrid clubs easily and they will stay clean as well. The stylish design and comfortable feel are added benefits. The grip can cushion your hand while hitting the ball and protect your wrist too.
  • It is a superior quality product available in trendy colors like white, black, and blue and red.
  • This is a great choice for those players who love responsiveness when they hit the ball. With this grip, the feel of the hit travels through the shaft and into your palms, making the game all the more exciting.


  • These grips might not be very suited to clubs with rotating shafts, because the alignment may look and feel odd. You can use them most comfortably on woods or irons without adjustable hosels.  
  • Some players might feel that the grip is not as tacky as they want and is a little more tapered than preferable.
  • If you are planning to install this .600” diameter grip on a .580” Mizuno shaft, you will have to add two layers of build up tape to achieve a standard grip. But often, the gris size might be 1/64” less than the size required, causing it to come loose while playing.
  • To obtain a tight grip, you might have to use good but gentle solvents while installing the grips on woods or irons. Harsh solvents can cause the grip to fall apart.
  • In some grips, the rubber might start peeling after some time, which can be a little uncomfortable if you are not wearing gloves.     

What’s the verdict?

Among all the leather wrap golf grips available today, the Golf Pride VDR Standard Grip is popular due to its soft, comfortable feel, adequate traction in all weather conditions, innovative texture for better control, and rubber compound that absorbs vibrations and shocks to protect your wrist.

These grips are premium quality, easy to install, don’t slip or make you lose strokes, and are very reasonably priced as well. They come in different interesting hues like white, black, red and blue to complement your golf clothing.

You won’t feel exhausted after playing with them, but will get to enjoy the responsiveness when you hit the ball

2. Best Quality For Leather Golf Grips: Golf Pride Players Wrap Putter Grips


Golf Pride Players Wrap Putter Grips, Black

Quick take: High Quality Leather

If you are looking for the best quality leather golf grips that combine style and innovation seamlessly, then Golf Pride Players Wrap Putter Grips are the best for you. It weighs 76 grams, and flaunts an arched pistol shape that is unique and stylish. The front elevation is smooth paddle style and the half wrap is done up in simulated leather to make this grip very comfortable to touch and a luxurious experience. It ensures smooth and superior performance, is easy to wipe and stays clean as well.

The deep black color and sleek finishing will make any game of golf memorable. You can also get this grip in a clean white hue. Golf Pride Players Wrap Putter Grips can help you control your club and shot effortlessly, as this is the best in class.

You won’t lose any stroke with this grip, and your palms won’t feel exhausted. The texture of the grip is such that it can channel moisture efficiently and fits seamlessly in your hands. With a diameter of 0.580”, this grip offers you a great feel and is very tacky. Crafted especially for standard-sized hands, this grip is easy to install and worth your money.


  • Golf Pride Players Wrap Putter Grips wow with stylish and cutting-edge looks and promise superior and smooth performance. They are the best quality grips available in the market in standard size.
  • It is shaped like an arched pistol, with a front elevation that mimics a smooth paddle. The half wrap back boasts of simulated leather so that the grip feels super velvety and gentle in your palms.
  • The scientific design and texture of the grip allows you to control each shot and never feel exhausted from maintaining the grip.  
  • With a diameter of 0.580” and weight of 76 grams, this grip is ideal for most clubs and can be installed with ease.
  • The grips absorb shocks and vibrations nicely, protecting your wrists and ensuring a comfortable experience.
  • They are of the best quality, come with extremely high tack and are easy to keep clean.


  • This grip is slightly pricier than other standard grips in the market, but its peerless quality makes up for it.
  • White and black are the only two colors available for this grip. Some players might find the white one to be a little heavier than the black one.  
  • Some might find the grip a little hard to control during the rainy season, as the design is more smooth than textured.

What’s the verdict?:

The Golf Pride Players Wrap Putter Grips are known for their superior quality and unique arched pistol design. The use of simulated leather for the half wrap back ensures super-soft feel and ultimate comfort for your hands, and doesn’t let you get tired during a game.

This grip absorbs shocks and vibrations well and can help you control each shot easily. The sleek design and easy installation make it a favorite among golfers with standard-sized hands. These grips boast of high tack and can be wiped down for cleaning conveniently after each game. It is well worth your money if you are passionate about smooth performance.

3. Top Rated For Leather Golf Grips: Golf Pride Cp2 Wrap Grip

Golf Pride CP2 Wrap

Quick take: Perfect Combination of Quality And Price

Golf Pride Cp2 Wrap Grip is among those leather wrap golf grips that are especially designed for success in every game. With a cutting-edge 2.5” Control Core Stabilizer, this grip reduces torque, lends extra stability and lets you control each swing and shot more easily than ever before. It boasts of a straighter taper than others in this category and comes with a large lower hand to make swings more fluidic and smooth.

It is very comfortable and soft in your hands as well, and don’t cause fatigue. The high tack and soft rubber used for the grip gives you secure grip, superior performance and a very exclusive experience. It also protects your hands from shocks and vibrations. The texture provides high traction, so that you don’t lose control even when your hands get sweaty or the weather is wet.

At 50 grams and with a diameter of .600”, this grip is lightweight yet delivers excellent and consistent performance with every stroke. It is easy to install on woods, irons or even hybrids and is easy to keep clean as well. The grip comes in stylish blue and black and red and black combinations, and will surely get you compliments on the greens.


  • The Golf Pride Cp2 Wrap Grip uses innovative and unique Control Core Stabilizer technology to reduce torque and help you control each shot and swing more confidently and comfortably. This will make your game more stable and consistent as well.
  • As the grip comes with a straighter taper than its peers, but with a larger lower hand, your swings will become more fluidic than ever before.
  • It uses soft rubber for high traction and superior comfort, so that you don’t lose control from sweaty hands. The grip also feels light in your hands and don’t cause exhaustion even after many games.
  • The rubber used can protect your hand from shocks and vibrations, and is especially helpful if you are arthritic. It will help you to maintain good grip in all weathers.  
  • The grip can be installed easily on woods, irons and hybrids and are easy to clean. They will last you for a long time too and are of premium quality.
  • Black and red and black and blue are the popular color combinations of this grip and its sleek design is sure to bring you admiration.


  • Some golfers may find that they have to wipe the grips after every swing to ensure tackiness. The grips might especially be a little slick during hot summers.

What’s the verdict?

Golf Pride Cp2 Wrap Grip is a top rated product that comes with innovative Control Core technology to reduce torque and ensure stable, consistent and outstanding performance. It is soft in your hands, easy and light to grip, and boasts of high-traction surface.

It has been scientifically engineered to give you adequate tacky feel and sense of control, and has a reduced taper design with large lower hand so that arthritic players can also hold it comfortably.

Besides the standard size, you can also go for the midsize grip that weighs 63.5 grams or the jumbo grip, which weighs 80 grams. Undersize grip is also available at 45 grams.

Which Leather Golf Grips is best for you?

Choosing the right grip is vital if you want to perform you best in every game. And the wrong type or size of grip can ruin the experience. But if you are looking for standard grips then the three models mentioned above are perfect for the right swing and precise control.

The Golf Pride VDR Standard Grip is well-suited if you play in both rainy and dry seasons. With its triple-texture technology, it can give you the traction and grip you need despite sweaty or wet hands. It is also lightweight, comfortable, very responsive when you hit the ball and comes in cool colors like black, blue, white and red.

The Golf Pride Players Wrap Putter Grip on the other hand, impresses with its arched-pistol look, smooth front elevation and the velvety touch of simulated leather.

The Golf Pride Cp2 Wrap Grip is extremely advanced in term of design and features a Control Core Stabilizer to make each shot stable, consistent, smooth and superior. It has a straighter taper than other grips in this category and also a large lower hand, to make your swings fluidic and convenient. These are great for golfers who are suffering from arthritis. All these grips protect you from shocks and vibrations, are easy to clean and will last for a very long time. They can be used on woods, irons as well as hybrids and don’t let your hands get tired.

The Golf Pride Cp2 Wrap Grip is available in undersize, jumbo and midsize, so that you can choose the one that fits your hands best.


Buying Guide For Leather Golf Grips:

When you are out shopping for leather golf grips, you will come across Kangaroo leather golf grips, Gripmaster leather golf grips and Neumann leather golf grips besides the premium Golf Pride models mentioned above. What you will have to do is try them out to see if they fit you perfectly and feels soft and comfy.

Also decide if you want something that doesn’t lose its tackiness at all in the rain, if you are a golfer who isn’t afraid of wet weather. Also consider aspects like weight, durability, texture, color and maintenance needs while shopping for grips. Remember that leather grips will last you long and look classy always.

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