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Golf grips – the number one accessory, every golfer needs to keep his/her game in great form. A good golf grip can enhance the player’s game, with better swing to putt for a win. Companies are bringing in innovation to make the golf grips aid players better, with state of the art materials being used. Based on the requirements, golf grips are available not just in varied colors but in sizes too. Junior golf grips suit young golfers and players with small hands.

Junior golf grips for kids or as golf grips for small hands, have specifications that not only makes the hold of the golf club comfortable but also has all weather and anti-slip properties. Finding the best fit for the player becomes the key. In this section, we talk about popular junior golf grips, discussing their features, pros and cons, with the intention of helping you make a good investment.

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Winn Dri-Tac WinnDry Junior

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Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound Platinum

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Golf Pride Junior Tour Velvet Grip

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Best Golf Grips for Junior Reviews

  • Golf Pride Junior Tour Velvet Grip
  • Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound Platinum Series
  • Winn Golf Club Grips Dritac

1. Best Price Junior Golf Grip: Golf Pride Junior Tour Velvet Grip

Golf Pride Jr. Tour Velvet Grip

Quick take: Professional quality, in amateur price

Looking for quality accessories to your kid’s golf club to help them play better? Or are you looking to introduce them to golf and in the lookout for quality equipment? Look no further. Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip is what you have been looking for. It is one of the best golf grips available in the market. According to its makers, the Tour Velvet grip is the most popular grip used by professionals and amateurs alike. It also is a popular junior golf grips for the quality and the variety in size that is offered.

The computer designed non-slip and soft-textured surface makes it the preferred golf grips for small hands. The material provides maximum grip, ensuring the junior golfer plays comfortably without their grip or swing being affected. These junior golf club grips can easily fit in your budget too. Tour Velvet grip is available in various sizes from junior to jumbo, making it easily customizable buy for kids of different age groups. The pricing is competitive as compared to the others in the market based on the quality of the product, making it a good junior golf grip to invest in.


  • The big advantage of this junior golf grips is that it is suitable for amateurs and professional alike. So as the junior golfer improves their game, there would be no need to keep buying different grips and keep it limited to only if necessary.
  • It is ‘The small hand golf grips’, the size being suitable for the smaller hands of children.
    State of the art material: The computer designed non-slip surface pattern ensures soft and non-abrasive feel, when the young players hold the grip. This protects the hands and also ensures that the golf clubs are held better.
  • Surface texture: The surface texture is moderate to give consistent traction with a grab feel, ensuring the golf clubs don’t slip away.
  • This junior golf grips are one of the best products in the market and available at competitive price, starting at several dollars only.
  • Light weight: The golf clubs, based on their material, are usually bulky and heavy, though it maybe for the kids. This golf grip is just 45 A grams, not adding on to the weight of the club. Hence this is just perfect for young players.
  • Easy to get on the golf clubs: You just need to slip it on and not worry about its movement as the right size of grip will fit into the club handle not causing any friction or movement.


  • Knowing the right size to buy would be a hindrance. Depending on the golf club and the size of the hands, you need to buy the right fit, or the grip may have friction or random movements.
  • Cleanliness: The junior golf grips need to be periodically cleaned to ensure the safety of kids as it can accumulate dirt. Especially with kids involved, it becomes necessity to keep it safe to prevent any health problems. But keep note on the way to clean it too, as the grip may not be water resistant. Hence it helps to check on this before buying the product.

What’s the verdict?

The junior golf club grips have more pros than cons, again emphasizing on the fact that it may be the best golf grip for small hands. May it be for kids or for adults with small hands, this golf grip is the most popular one across the market with more positive reviews than any complains. Just the above two cons is what stands out.

Golf Pride Tour Velvet Grip is the #1 golf grips for small hands available in the market. With the technology used to make this accessory for your golf club, be sure to have smooth swings at your next game. Junior golf grip being not the only size available, you can also choose from standard, medium or jumbo sizes to suit your needs. Prices are also competitive and fit right into a budget. But to speak off it, even without budgets, this would be the best junior golf grips to buy. You can also find different colors but are based on availability. This possibly could be the best investment you make to improve your game of golf.

2. Best Quality Junior Golf Grip: Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound Platinum

Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound Platinum Grip, Blue/White

Quick take: Not cheap, but worth it

Golf Pride introduces a new range of stylish golf grips referred to as the Platinum series, on the occasion of the 10th anniversary celebration of the new decade multi-compound golf grips. This grip is part of their proven line of tour-hybrid grips and is currently one of the hottest hybrid grip available in the market. The Platinum series is designed with the exclusive BCT® cord with high-performance rubber in the lower hand for great comfort and responsiveness. Due to the great quality of the material, it has become the preferred pick for small hands golf grip.

These stylish junior golf grips in the platinum series, are also available in different colors – Midnight Blue, Scarlet and a patriotic Red, White and Blue color ranges. This new range of golf grips features the same technology that has already proven to give a distinct advantage to the golfer’s hand. Additionally, they come with high performance rubber and brushed cotton technology that offers greater control and better traction.
The comfort and the grip makes it a good choice for kids golf grips. The quality of this hybrid golf grips gives it great responsiveness for your lower hand, making your every swing confident giving very less friction to your hands too.


  • The expertly crafted material made of two complimentary compounds, makes for unmatched feel and great control. The positive performance of the brushed cotton cord and rubber, in the upper hand area gives a firm all-weather control.
  • The soft rubber gives superior feel and responsiveness to your lower hand for a confident swing, every single time. Best suited as junior golf grips for the children and also, one of the best small hands golf grips
  • The various colors available in this series, gives you a choice on style and preferences. They are available in blue, scarlet, red, white and blue range.
  • The surface texture with plus sign patterns and pebbled texture creates increased coverage and maximizes control on the club. This is the stand out feature as the junior golf grip suitable for kids, to keep their game top notch.
  • The exclusive brush cotton cord in the upper hand also helps to wick away moisture, caused due to the weather or sweat. None the less, the various qualities of this golf grip ensures there is only positive effects on your game, helping you swing better. No wonder it is one of the best in the tour proven golf grips series.


  • This junior golf grips needs periodic change, maybe once a year as the usual wear and tear cannot be escaped.
  • The MC Platinum series golf club grips are slightly heavier than the other golf grips, about 5 grams. But as junior golf club grips are used by children too, it may take some time for them to get used to it. As even a little weight can affect the swing of the club.
  • The price range is on the higher side as compared to other golf grips. It starts from several dollars onwards. Platinum series can be on a higher spend, due to the various stylist designs and the exclusive materials used in it.

What’s the verdict?

In short, this golf grip is durable, but does need to be changed based on usage. When compared to other golf grips available at the market, this sure does seem expensive, given that there may not be a lot of features that come along as new. The stress on the non-availability of the color ranges also is a downer for this golf grips for small hands, as the golf club needs to be a style statement too than just fulfilling its purpose.

While the verdict for this golf grip is mostly impressive and pointing to enhanced performance advantages, the price factor could be the only spoiler. When you need a sturdy grip and an all-weather control on the cord, this is the golf grip for you. The non-availability of color ranges when compared to other junior golf grips, would only make the customers look elsewhere for golf grips that are stylish and well under their budget. The verdict is plain and straight forward – if you need a good grip and no moisture cord, buy this right away. The great quality of materials used and the availability of some colors like blue, black, yellow, red etc. can give you that edge to decide on this product.

3. Top Rated Junior Golf Grip: Winn Golf Club Grips Dritac

Winn DriTac Junior Golf Club Grip, Blue

Quick take: Suitable for all purposed, easy to get used to

Winn grips are leaders in the grip manufacturing industry. They produce grips for not just golf but also for tennis rackets, fish rods and many more. The Winn DriTac is one of the most popular products in the Winn family of grips, renowned for their hybrid grip technology, which offers comfort, tackiness and a more relaxed swing.

Winn is known to have invented the multiple polymer compounds that are slip-resistant for various weather conditions. The main requirement of a golf grip, to give you stability and grip on the club, is surely fulfilled by the Winn Golf Grips. However, the polymers used are the standout point. The material used in these junior golf club grips are formulated to achieve a wide range of textures, firmness and weights to suit any type of player.

Winn Golf Grips are top rated among the golf grips for small hands, for their great material and also the variety. Winn Golf Club Grips DriTac have a contoured feel with the textured design, giving a great feel to the players and also influencing performance to a greater extent. The polymer is also soft, providing comfort and cushion to the players. This is among the preferred junior golf grips and also top rated, with mostly great customer reviews. Let’s understand it further on the pros and cons of it.


  • The signature WinDry polymer offers the winning combination of comfort and excellent grip. These grips have weather-resistant properties, which does not affect the swing or the overall game of the golfer.
  • These are slip-on grips mainly used for wooden and iron golf clubs.
  • If you prefer soft and comfortable grips, this is the right golf grips for small hands.
  • You can be sure of comfortable and pain free playability. It gives a new level of confidence to play. Also 65% of shock absorption will reduce any strain on the hand. This even more adding to the advantage for the player.
  • Lightweight grip reduces the overall weight of the golf club, hence helping increase the speed and angle of the swing.
  • They come in various colors, giving the players a wider choice. Some of the colors they are available in are blue, pink, grey, black-red, grey-pink, navy blue to name a few
  • They also stand at being the lowest priced junior golf club grips in the market. Prices starting very low with several dollars and onwards. It is the best price guaranteed for the great features this small hands golf grips has.


Winn Golf Club Grips DriTac has mainly 2 disadvantages that stand out and are most frequently discussed. They are as follows,

  • Durability: According to certain customer reviews, this would require to be changed frequently but then again would depend on the usage. The wear and in these junior golf grips could be slightly more than other golf grips.
  • This is a soft grip. Hence if you are looking for a firmer grip, Winn Golf Club Grips DriTac may not be suitable for you. Then again it’s dependent on how each player prefers his or her grip. The polymer used and the patterns ensure soft feel to the grip, which may not be preferred by some, due to its inability to give the desired swing.

What’s the verdict?

Winn DriTac Golf Club Grips are the most top rated junior golf grips in the market, and the pros rank higher than the cons. The only downside that most customers complain of, is the life span of the grip. Due to its soft material, it gets worn out soon and requires to be replaced often. Other than that every one of them refer it. The best feature of this golf grips for small hands is seen to be that they are low priced and of great quality.

Winn Golf Club Grips DriTac is one of the classiest grips that combines great looks with great technology, making it a favorite among golfers – young and old. With great features like shock-absorption, slip-resistance and innovative material, not to forget its budget friendly price tag, it is easily one of the hottest line of junior golf grips in the market. What is more is that it comes in a variety of colors, such as grey/blue, pink/grey, grey, black etc. This top-rated product has just the downside of durability. It is even preferred by arthritic patients for the soft grip. Overall the material and the price makes it the winner. It is the best junior grip to get when you are bound by a budget.

Which Junior Golf Grip is Perfect for You?

Finding the right type of golf grip is essential, as it would greatly influence your game. With so much information out there on it, figuring out the right one may seem like a hard task. Let’s talk about the three top junior golf grips and how it may be suitable for you,

  1. Golf Pride Junior Tour Velvet Grip – If you an amateur and looking for golf grips to help you begin and up your game, this is the golf grip for you. Easy to slip on, it has medium texture that would give you consistent traction with a grab. It is a great fit for small hands and is durable. The prices start at about several dollars only.
  2. Golf Pride New Decade MultiCompound Platinum Series Standard Golf Club Grip – If you are looking for sturdy grip, weather resistant and moisture absorbent grip, this is the one for you. But the prices are high and starts from several bucks onwards. The material used with it patterns gives the players better swing. The patterns are built in to give a sturdy grip.
  3. Winn Golf Club Grips DriTac: This earns the highest votes among customers. With its soft and comfortable grip, it is most suitable for kids, arthritis patients or anyone who needs a non-friction grip. It is lightweight and has 65% shock absorbent properties. The best part is its pricing which starts from a few several dollars.

All these grips come in various colors and their own stand out features. The important things would be to figure out what exactly are you looking for from the junior golf grips.


Buying Guide For Junior Golf Grips

The most important decision on which golf grip could up your game or affect it in a bad way. The best way to buy junior golf grips is to first determine the various features it needs to check off your list to best suit you. Consider the following points,

  1. Look and Feel: What are the colors you are looking for and more importantly, what is the grip you prefer?
  2. Material – Are you looking for something that is just weather resistant or with moisture absorbent properties too?
  3. What are the patterns you need to have for a better grip and a better swing?
  4. Budget: What is the budget you have considered on this?

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