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The importance of playing with the right size golf grip cannot be overstated. Wrong grips can be costing you a decent ball launch. Most players, while aware of how important custom club fittings are, do not pay much attention to their grips. A grip, the only part where the club is in direct contact with the golfer, can cause several problems in the game if its too big or too small. Today, one of the major trends of the game is the proliferation of jumbo and oversized golf grips.

Whereas earlier golfers used only regular sized grips, many are now preferring to switch to mid-size and jumbo sized golf grips.

For a player, the difference between a standard grip and a jumbo/oversized grip can make a lot of impact on his swing and final performance. Primarily, the golfers with the following traits prefer to spend on oversized grips over the standard grips:

  • Players who have large hands
  • Golfers who are suffering from disabling conditions like arthritis
  • Amatures who pull or hook their shot consistently
  • Those who want the strong grip on their club without making it feel too thin for them

Additionally, a modern day oversized golf grip can be excellent in absorbing shocks that might come from hard swings.

Check out the top-ranked winners:

Top Rated

Golf Pride - CP2 Pro Jumbo Golf Grip

Rating: 5.0

Reviews: 19

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Best Quality

Garsen G-Pro Edge Max Henrik Stenson Putter Grip Jumbo

Rating: 5.0

Reviews: 45

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Awesome Price

Ping ID-8 Orange +1/16" Oversize/Jumbo Golf Grip 

Rating: 4.8

Reviews: 11

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Best Jumbo – Oversized Golf Grips Reviews

  • Ping ID-8 Orange +1/16″ Oversize/Jumbo Golf Grip ID8
  • Garsen G-Pro Edge Max Henrik Stenson Putter Grip Jumbo
  • Golf Pride – CP2 Pro Jumbo Golf Grip

1. Best Price For Jumbo And Oversized Golf Grip: Ping ID-8 Oversize/Jumbo

NEW Ping ID-8 Orange +1/16″ Oversize/Jumbo Golf Grip ID8

Quick take: Big hands doesn’t mean big prices

Improve your golfing experience with this all NEW Ping ID-8 Orange +1/16″ Oversize/Jumbo Golf Grip ID8. The 360 degree design jumbo sized golf grip comes with a textured pattern and comfortable grip that can take you golfing game to another level. The material that it is made from is of excellent quality, thus ensures long life and sturdiness even after every day use. The subtle color can easily blend with your existing set of clubs thus eliminating the need to buy new clubs for the new grips.

The competitively priced oversized gold grip is the best in the market you can buy for that much money. The sleek grip does not let you put too much pressure to tighten your swing, which makes it a completely value for money. You can even get the grip customized with grip tape as per your need and convenience. The replacement grip will bring your old golf club back to it’s glorify making it look all new.

Instead of burning a hole in your pocket with expensive oversized golf grips, rely on NEW Ping ID-8 Orange +1/16″ Oversize/Jumbo Golf Grip ID8 to have the best golfing swing that you would have ever thought of.


The magnificent Ping ID-8 Orange +1/16″ Oversize/Jumbo Golf Grip ID8 comes with a fair share of pros that makes it a must have in every professional and learning golfers practice kit so that they can showcase their best game.

  • Textured design allows comfortable grip
  • Use of excellent quality material does not make the golfers hand sweaty, thus avoid slipping
  • The toughened grip material does not let you put in too much pressure for hard swing, thus remains humble with your wrist
  • It’s easy to mold design makes it fit almost all kinds of sticks perfectly
  • The round golf grip allows it work perfectly with the adjustable gold club technology
  • Affordably priced for the quality it offers to the golfers
  • Option to get customized grip tape as per your requirement
  • The 360 degree design makes it convenient to use
  • Can be substituted easily for a medium and standard sized golf grip
  • Better elasticity of the material allows easy covering of the club
  • Sturdy construction ensures long life
  • Provides better shock absorption
  • Suitable for golfers who are disabled with problems like arthritis


To be honest, we’ve researched long and hard, talked to some very experienced golfers, consulted with experts from NASA, and yet, we couldn’t find a single bad thing to say about it.
Is being too good is a downside? Let us know if you think otherwise…

What’s the verdict?

Overall, the Ping ID-8 Orange +1/16″ Oversize/Jumbo Golf Grip ID8 is suitable for all golfers who are willing to work on their golf grip and golf swing to improve their game. The product is available in subtle variety of colors which a customer can select from as per their personal choice. The Ping ID-8 Orange +1/16″ Oversize/Jumbo Golf Grip ID8 is also easily available online with some websites even offering great discounts, despite its very competitively low price that makes it one of the best and affordable oversized golf grip in the market. Those who want to up the stakes of their golf game, should surely invest in buying this amazing golf grip product.

2. Best Quality For Jumbo And Oversized Golf Grip: Garsen G-Pro Edge Max Henrik Stenson Putter Grip Jumbo

NEW Garsen G-Pro Edge Max Henrik Stenson Putter Grip Jumbo Black/White

Quick take: The most important piece of equipment you can own

The Garsen G-Pro Edge Max Henrik Stenson Putter Grip is the best ever oversized grip for golf clubs that any golfer would ever think of buying. It is bigger with a more pronounced edge that makes it perfectly suitable for golfers with long hands and tightened grip. Its sleek and textured design provides firmer grip without the chances of slip or your hands being sweaty. The superior quality Garsen G-Pro Edge Max does a lot more than just changing your hand position for that perfect golf swing. It also gives movement to your shoulder and back thus making your play look more natural and consistent.

The Garsen G-Pro Edge Max Henrik Stenson Putter Grip Jumbo Black/White works especially for those who hunch too much while taking the shot as it balanced out their position with its extra-large length that allows gripping from the upper side of the club with much ease. It is made using dense rubber material that helps in forming a strong grip and also ensures long life. It easily fits your existing club selection, thus you do not have pay extra for new clubs that would fit the oversized golf grip that you will buy in the form of Garsen G-Pro Edge Max.


When it comes to pros for Garsen G-Pro Edge Max the list can be never ending as it has received much appreciation from the golfers across the globe for its superior grip and quality. Some of the pros are listed below for reference:

  • Made from soft to touch rubber material for firm grip
  • The textured pattern eliminates the chances of sweaty hands and slips while swinging
  • The more pronounced edge makes it an excellent choice for golfers with long hands
  • Those who are suffering from arthritis or any other kinder of disability will find Garsen G-Pro Edge Max extremely confortable to take a golf swing
  • It provides enough sport to your shoulder and back, thus bringing significant improvements to your game
  • If you tend to hunch too much while taking a golf swing then this Garsen G-Pro Edge can improve the hunching with its extra-large length
  • Its sturdy construction gives surety of long life
  • It feels comfortable right from the standpoint
  • Garsen G-Pro Edge Max looks and feels more aesthetic than any other oversized golf grip available in the market


Well, you know, the first time was funny, the second time we thought there must be a mistake here, but no, after deep reviewing we didn’t find any cons at all! These Golf grips manufactures are really stepping up their game!

What’s the verdict?:

After all is said and done,  Garsen G-Pro Edge Max Henrik Stenson Putter Grip Jumbo  is still among the best available oversized golf grips in the market. Its color variations can be checked online, but the black and white option seems like a classic choice among many. As far as the quality is concerned, it is by far the most reliable and long lasting oversized golf grip introduced for those who want to improve their golf swing without any compromise on the grip. It affordable price and availability in two and three edge options makes it a favorite among pro-golfers.

3. Top Rated For Jumbo And Oversized Golf Grip: Golf Pride- CP2 Pro Jumbo

Golf Pride- CP2 Pro Jumbo Golf Grip Black

Quick take: Swing harder, with no joints pain

If you have just started playing golf and struggling with strong grip and golf swing issues then its time to add a golf grip to your club for the precision shot you have been missing for the long. The all new Golf Pride- CP2 Pro Jumbo Golf Grip is the newest sensation in the town that has been helping the golfers improvise their golfing game with much precision and style. The unique designed and excellently made Golf Pride- CP2 Pro Jumbo Golf Grip comprises of comfortable rubber material that ensures non slip grip with adequate fit in the palm.

The high end core technology ensures to divide the pressure between both the hands thus allowing you take a shot that will not stumble because of imbalance. Many professional golfers have started advising new golfers to include the Golf Pride- CP2 Pro Jumbo Golf Grip in their golfing kits as it can bring improvements to your game without putting much pressure on your hands and mind. The jumbo golf grip is specifically beneficial for the golfers who have long hands or suffering from problems like arthritis. It does not even let you hunch too much and you can easily take a long shot without bending much on waist.


Like the other variants of Golf Pride Golf Grips, the Golf Pride- CP2 Pro Jumbo Golf Grip comes with a fascinating list of pros that makes it a prominent choice among the professional and learning golfers. Apart from the excellent quality, this oversized jumbo golf grip is applauded for the following:

  • The Golf Pride- CP2 Pro Jumbo Golf Grip comes with a soft feel which is combined with high performance golfing technology
  • The all new Golf Pride- CP2 Pro Jumbo Golf Grip comes wrapped with superior comfort and control to ensure excellent performance for professional as well as learning golfers
  • The Golf Pride- CP2 Pro Jumbo Golf Grip features the new and advanced Core Control Technology that ensures non slip grip without putting any pressure on the wrist and shoulders
  • The 2.5” inner corner stabilizer incorporated in this jumbo golf grip is engineered specifically to reduce the torque
  • The reduced taper design allows for the even grip in both hands with pressure distributed between both the palms
  • Its soft and high traction surface ensures maximum comfort with every swing for that perfect pro golfing swing
  • The Golf Pride- CP2 Pro Jumbo Golf Grip is highly controllable and fits adequately in your palm especially if you have large hands


What can we say? We are embarrassed. Third one in a row that we weren’t able to be harsh to. Are we too soft? Is your golf grips too soft as well?

What’s the verdict?

The easy availability, exceptionally affordable price and the choice to buy in a variety of colors has definitely made Golf Pride- CP2 Pro Jumbo Golf Grip a foremost choice among the golfers looking for specialized golf jumbo golf grips.

Golfers can either buy a single pack or can invest on a multi pack to have a set of Golf Pride- CP2 Pro Jumbo Golf Grip in their kitty for emergency situations. By far Golf Pride- CP2 Pro Jumbo Golf Grip stands proudly among the top rated jumbo golf grips in the market and is making competition really tough for the other variants.

Which Jumbo Golf Grip is best for you?

The way you hold your golf club greatly affects your swing. And, to ensure that you can practice a seamless swing, a golf grip works miraculously. A golf grip plays a critical role in straight alignment, of the club with your stance. Ask any golfer, and the first suggestion that he/she will give you is to improve your gripping style. In addition, to ensure that the gripping style is perfect, a good golf club grip is what you need. There are many golf club grips available that it gets hard to decide among them that would suit your comfort and stance. Thus, this buying guide gives you an insight on the best golf grips for your clubs.


  • Ping Oversize/Jumbo Grip: If you are new to golf and are looking for a reasonably priced gold club grip, then the Ping Jumbo golf grip is an ideal unit for you. Being oversized, it is great for you if you have large hands. In addition, a price tag of $7.75 makes it quite affordable.
  • Garsen G-Pro Putter Grip: This beauty is all about class and comfort. It boasts high-end quality in every inch of its surface, making it an ideal choice for professionals. However, it may not be suitable for all golfers as it has a price of $26.82.

Golf Pride Jumbo Golf Club Grip: The Golf Price Jumbo makes use of its ergonomic design to ensure that you can improve your game considerably. This top-rated product is also available at a reasonable price of $8.49.


Buying Guide For Jumbo And Oversized Golf Grips

Though the parameters for buying golf grip of any kind remains the same, the prominent things that one must look for include the following:

  • Construction material
  • Feasibility to fit in all kinds of golf clubs
  • Core golfing technology used
  • Shock absorbing ability
  • Golf grip diameter
  • Suitable for disabled golfers or not
  • Length of the golf grip
  • How it will help in improving your game

If the jumbo golf grip you are buying is meeting all these parameters then it is perfect for your gaming experience. Also, one must always buy a branded version of golf grips instead of buying a lesser expensive cheaper version which may worn out after using for some days.

What’s Next?

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