It gives you confidence in holding your clubs just right; it even helps with your hooks and slices and yet most golfers are unaware of the impact of the golf grips they use. In fact many top players may not even be able to tell you exactly which golf grip they are currently using. But the world of golf grips is constantly evolving and innovating to make your round of the course a more satisfying one. Grip materials, for instance are being constantly experimented with so you get a better traction but it stays easy on the hands. They are being specifically tailored for different playing conditions and the different sizes of hands. An aging population of golfers need to ensure the grips don’t twist their hands or let the club fly off if not held too tight. Women need sizes and textures tailored for their specific requirements. All this and more is on offer today and all you need to do it make sure you pick the ones that are just right for you in every aspect.

How did we pick our winners?

Some of the most important questions to ask when picking a grip are: what is the size that feels best for your hands? What is the texture that gives you the most gripping confidence? What the climatic conditions you are most likely to play under and is there a grip specifically designed for those? Is there a grip that will helps you better your hold or improve your technique? It is easy enough to get a measurement guide to see whether your hands are standard, under size or oversize. But many golfers find that blind selection of size does not really help them. You need to actually try out the grips physically to see of a larger or smaller size gives you a better feel or if you need to add some layers of tape to get a size that feels most comfortable to you. Same goes for texture. Thankfully there are enough options out there to suit whatever may be your specific requirements.

Which Golf Grip is right for me?

It is advisable to re-grip your clubs and putters at least twice a year or every 30 to 40 rounds. While you are doing so, do some market research for the latest innovations available – and there is something exciting happening all the time! If you want to stay loyal to your particular brand or make, it is easy enough to pick your grips online. But if you want to try out a newer material or a different size, walk into a store and get a feel before deciding. Or try a new grip on one of your clubs before re-gripping an entire set. Most stores have on offer various models that you can physically try out. Left handers have rather more limited options but there are enough for them to try out. There are several guides and reviews online if you want to do some market research before choosing your next set of golf grips.

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