Best Golf Grips of 2019: Comparison, Reviews and Ratings

From the days when the earliest golfers put wool or sheepskin around the handles of their golf clubs for better hold, golf grips have come a long way.

For an amateur golfer, one of the most critical decisions would be the way he or she positions her hands or in other words HOW he grips the club. The slightest change can have a huge impact on how far the ball goes. And to ensure that your hands remain in your chosen position, it is of utmost importance to use the right grips.

There are many factors to keep in mind when choosing the right grip for you but the most important is that you should be able to grip the club as lightly as possible without the fear of it flying out of your hands. Grips come in different materials.

In general, people who play less often prefer rubber or synthetic grips which are easier on the hands. For more hardened players there are the cord grips which are preferable if you have sweaty hands or tend to play in wet or humid conditions.

It is also important that you choose the right size grip and there are many ‘grip sizers’ available that can help you choose the one that best suits your hands. Larger grips tend to minimize hand movement and encourage slicing while smaller grips allow for more movement of the wrists and aid with hooking.

Whichever brand of golf grips you use, it is advisable to re-grip your clubs every six months or after 30 to 30 rounds.

Our Guide To The Best Rated Golf Grips

Best Jumbo and Over-sized Golf grips

Over-sized grips refer to those that are about one eighth of an inch above standard grip size. Over-sized or Jumbo grips are the perfect choice if you:

  1. Have large hands
  2. Have a weak grip
  3. Suffer from any kind of weaknesses in your hand like arthritis or aching joints, and –
  4. If you tend to continually pull or hook shots

Larger grips minimize wrist action. They take your hands out of the action while giving you a better feel of the club and absorb shock so a mishit does not impact your wrists or fingers. To an experienced player, the difference between a standard and an over-sized grip might be as dramatic as the difference between a pencil and a baseball bat. Go for it if you have any of the conditions listed above or simply want improved shock absorption and less hand action. There are some great options to try out in this category.

Ranging from $8 to $98 you will find a wide variety of products in the oversize category in a variety of textures, feel and colors.

Best Oversized Jumbo Golf Grip: Golf Pride- CP2 Pro Jumbo Golf Grip


Golf Pride- CP2 Pro Jumbo Golf Grip

Quick take: The ergonomic Golf Pride Jumbo golf grip for professionals is a one-of-a-kind grip for professional golfing.

The Golf Pride Jumbo Pro golf club grip has been engineered to offer an innovative, non-slippery, tacky, and soft feel for a satisfying game. The CP2 wrap ensures that you get maximum control while playing thanks to the stabilizer used in it to suppress torque. This has been possible due to the intuitive Control Core technology that inhibits a firm grip over your club without ruining the overall golfing experience. After using it, you will find the improvement in your game swing considerably. This pro golf grip ensures that you have the game right in your control.

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Best Mid-sized and Medium size Golf Grips

Medium or mid-sized along with the Jumbo sized grips together form the ‘over-sized’ category in golf grips. However, there of a difference of about one eight of an inch between them with Jumbo size being one eight of an inch above the standard size and mid-size being one-sixteenth of an inch above the standard size. For people with large hands it might seem that both Jumbo and midsize grips feel about right. In that case the best way to go about choosing the right grip is to see how far the middle and ring finger touch the palm as you grip. The rule says the fingers should just about touch the palm but ultimately it depends on the comfort one feels in using a grip. It is advisable to try out both categories of over-sized grips before deciding between the Jumbo and the midsize grips.

Top Mid-sized and Medium size Golf Grip: Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip

Super Stroke Slim 3.0 Putter Grip, Black

Quick take: If you are looking for a midsize grip, look no further than the preferred grip of the pros

At an affordable price, go for the midsize grip that is a favorite with circuit pro Jason Dufner. The Super Stroke Slim 3.0 is also the preferred grip for half of the top rated players on the circuit and has featured in 5 international victories last season. The parallel technology employed allows for even pressure in both hands and eliminates tension in the wrists and forearms. With its modern non-tapered style and wide range of sporty colors, it should not be difficult to pick the one that is right for you.

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Best Junior and Small sized golf grips

The standard size in golf grips is considered to be the one that fits a hand measurement of 7 to 83/4 inches from the first prominent wrist crease to the tip of the middle finger. Anyone with larger hands would require an over-sized grip and anyone with under those measurements would require a Junior or Small sized grip. Some companies like Lamkin and Ping have measurement charts that take into consideration either the length from crease to tip or just the length of the middle finger before categorizing as Junior, Midsize of Jumbo with varying thicknesses available in each size. Ping has a far more elaborate measuring chart which considers the minutest differences to arrive at the right size. However there is an emerging though that the right grip size has little to do with hand measurements and actually should be based on the dynamics of one’s swing.

Top Junior and Small sized golf grips: Winn Dri-Tac WinnDry Junior .550 Grip

Winn DriTac Junior Golf Club Grip, Blue

Quick take: The tacky and non-slip Winn Dri-Tac Winn Dry Junior is the best all-weather grip

The Winn Dri-Tac Winn Dry Junior is a great all-weather grip offering the best feel and comfort for Junior golfers or players with small hands. It has a .550” core that works well on both .500” and .560” shafts. For young children it can safely be used without fear of blisters even without gloves. The polymer material is just tacky enough to be comfortable for little hands while also providing non-slip grip. At a great price it is also great value for money and comes in a sporty blue color. It provides all-weather performance too.

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Best Ladies Golf Grips (because women deserves the best golf grips)

Congrats, you are a woman and you are a fan of the game? This is the last word in terms of gold grips for ladies.
Most women golfers find that they can easily use any undersized category golf grips so long as they double-check the feel and texture. However there are also several ladies golf grips on the market that are specifically targeted at women golfers and take into consideration their unique playing requirements as well as feminine tastes and aesthetics. The starting point for any golfer is to get the correct hand measurement and choose the grip that suits their size. For any slight variations in size from the standard options, it is always possible to customize with a few layers of tape. Ladies golf grips generally come in softer textures than the men’s grips and are available in a range of feminine colors, predominantly pink and purple with soft materials that are easy on the hands. Here we have identified the top pick in ladies golf grips that gives great value for money while also guaranteeing top quality.

Top Ladies Golf Grip: Winn Ladies Dri-Tac

Winn DriTac Undersize Golf Club Grip, Gray/Pink

Quick take: Women golf grips? Try this soft and non-slip ladies golf grip

Winn Ladies DriTac is a non-corded rubber grip for ladies that is easy on the hands but is perfectly reliable for a non-slip performance. It comes in a feminine pink/grey combo and is made of a polymer material that gives a soft and cushioned feel. It is an all-weather grip that is tailor made for women’s smaller and softer hands. It is a round grip that is tacky enough to ensure that you don’t need to over-grip. The Winn DriTac is a great option in ladies and women grips for your entire set of clubs and comes at an affordable price.

Best Left-Handed Golf Grips, golf grips for left handed golfers.

Being different from the norm comes with its disadvantages and in the case of golf, left handed players find that they have fewer options to choose from when it comes to equipment and accessories. In general, even golf instructions are written from the perspective of the right handed golfer. In the case of the left handed player, the dominant and non-dominant hands are reversed while holding the club. Though there aren’t too many choices, there are some good options in golf grips for left handed players and it would be worthwhile to browse through before deciding on a grip.

Top Left-Handed Golf Grips: Iomic Grips- Black Armor Series Sticky Evolution Golf Grip

Iomic Sticky Evolution 2.3 Grip, Black

Quick take: Combines elements of the X-Evolution and Sticky series

Iomic Sticky Evolution Black Armor is a specially designed grip for left handers combining elements of two of their revolutionary grips, the X-Evolution and the Sticky series. It is designed so that the left hand gets the firmer and less torque Evolution feel that provides stability and the right hand gets the softer feel of the Sticky tackiness. It comes in a classic black color with blue or green caps. At this price you get the standard grip size with a core size of 0.600”. The grip weighs 50 grams and is said to have great tack and is easy to clean.

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What to Look For When Buying a Golf Grip

While most sellers of golf grips would advise you to go by hand measurements to find the perfect grip, more experienced players would say it is ultimately about how the grip feels in your hands. The best way would be perhaps to start with the measurement and then go by feel in the category you fall into size-wise. The texture and feel should also be taken into account considering your playing habits and playing conditions. Remember that nothing beats the feel of the right grip in your hands!

Different types of golf grips.

Having the right grip ensures that your wrists and forearms are not tensed and you get to employ the right amount of hand movement into play.

Golf grips for women

Golf grips meant for ladies generally fall into the Undersize category and are light-weight. They come in a range of feminine colors like pink and purple and have softer textures while also providing firmness and tackiness. Ladies grips are available from a range of a few dollars and the core sizes range from .550” to .590”

Leather golf grips

Although leather fell into some disrepute in recent years, avid golfers still swear by the feel and durability of leather grips. They hold up well in different playing conditions, can be used for frequent and longer periods of play without gloves and wear well. Leather grips are however a far more expensive option than others on the market.

Set of 13 golf grips – value for money

It is a no-no that getting a full set of 13 grips of the same brand is the most economical choice. Most players have their choice of sizes and textures and once you have settled on your favorite grips, go for the full set rather than buy individual grips unless some have weathered sooner than others

All else being equal, however, inflatable options do trade some performance on the water for their convenience on land. Learn more by reading our Review for the Best Set of 13 Golf Grips.

How to choose the right grip size?

The most common means to find the perfect grip size is to measure the hands from the prominent crease in the wrist to the tip of the middle finger.
Most companies that make grips have their own measuring charts that take into consideration different criteria but the standard size in golf grips is usually a hand size of 7 to 83/4 inches from the crease to the tip.
Anything under this falls into the Small/Undersize category. Most women’s grips also fall into the smaller than standard size category.

Oversize grips can be either Midsize or Jumbo with midsize being about 1/16th of an inch larger than standard and Jumbo being 1/8th of an inch larger than standard.

Besides this, players customize sizes to their perfect feel by adding tape to the club shaft. The general rule is that the middle and ring fingers should be barely touching the base of the hand as it grips the club. However many are re-thinking the wisdom of going by hand measurements and insist it is feel, swing and playing habits that should really determine the right size of grip for each player.

For more information on finding the perfect grip size, check out this link.

How to choose the right golf grip material?

While it is of utmost importance to have the right size of golf grips, it is equally important that the material of the grip should be right for you. In general there are three main types of materials that are used in grips: rubber, cord and synthetic.

Infrequent players tend to prefer the rubber or synthetic grips as they are easy on the hands.
Cord grips are much harder and rougher and are preferred by people who take their game very seriously. They can chafe or blister your hands if you are playing long hours on a frequent basis but if you tend to play in wet or humid conditions they offer great non-slip hold.
The rubber and synthetic grips are more value for money and they come in a variety of colors and styles. There are also some innovative synthetic materials that claim vibration dampening properties and longer lasting tackiness. Cord weaves on the other hand provide additional traction to prevent slipping when playing in wet conditions.

Women’s and Junior grips are generally softer and for leather lovers, leather grips are also available which have great durability besides the inimitable feel of leather. In addition to the material, it is also important to look out for the texture of the grip as it can make a big difference if you play without gloves.
Rougher textures can give a greater gripping confidence but if you play without gloves it would be advisable to go for a smoother pattern on the grip.

What’s Next?

If you are looking to get more information on different golf grips topics, you can start with best Jumbo and Oversized Golf Grips. Needs something else? Want to compare our rating to other products? Go on, get the best selling Golf Grips on Amazon and research the popular products.

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